Tuesday, January 20, 2015


 Three are the people in my life that makes things special. Three is also how old my little princess is now. Time has flown me by and looking at how she has grown and growing up has made me decided to make it 2015's resolution to blog again. Much has happened since the last time i blogged when our little boy was born and soon he will be two.
Gaea's birthday and looks like mummy is making the wish.

Gaea does not have any qualms about cutting up Pororo like Aunty Elaine and her Hello Kitty cake.

Time flies. Moments pass us by. Guess i just wanna record down these memories, perhaps one day when the 2Gs grow up they may chance upon this and know who and what daddy was once up to. Perhaps the next few blogs may be about the key moments in 2014 that made it special and extraordinary.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our little Family

Last month the stork brought us mummy's little prince.

He came to us with much fanfare. The skies were churning up a storm and thunder and lighting accompanied our boy into Midgard. The moment his head popped out, thunder struck with such a clamour and a succession of thunder and lightning lit up the gloomy sky. That  inspired us to name him Thor or Thunder Tan but we decided that would be naughty of us hence we stayed with  the name mummy found for him...Gaius which means rejoice in ancient roman.

Now we are 4 and 2013 looks like a new little adventure is brewing for all. I am sure we will find his Mjolnir somewhere.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

September 2012

September is probably the stretchiest month for me. It was an eventful month filled with emotions. The first weekend had us Tan siblings commemorating mom's birthday for the first time without her physically being there.She had left us two months earlier to return to the Lord. September 8th was to be her birthday but i guess the Lord wanted to celebrate it with her by his side. We miss her. I miss her.

2nd week was The Urban Jungle Race flag off which i was apart off. We had 17 teams participating this year. The creation team consisted of Pat, Elaine, Eddie, Dani and me. The organisation of this event was quite a stretch and it took our rusty organising skills 3months and more to complete. Everyone on the committee had a lil too much on their plate i guess. What a relief it was when we blew the final whistle. It left me to focus on my next project...my wedding!

Sept 22 was my wedding at The Mines. It had been a year in the making and frankly we only took effective action at the very last month. Definately not recommended! What a stretch it was. Confirming this and that and the list is endless. You would think a year is 365 days long. Well it was 365days short. Crazy and suicidal to do last minutes. Had some wonderful people helping us and in the end it was a pretty wonderful beach wedding.

Right after that on the 24th we were, all 3 of us, Joey, Gaea and i left for Nexus Karambunai for our mini honeymoon. Gave us an opportunity to show the Komatsu family a piece of Sabah. Came back to work on friday and saturday we were off again to the island of Singapore for the weekend.

Crazy month filled with all sorts of emotions. Exhausting but WOW! What a month! It was also Gaea first plane ride and first overseas trip.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We were blessed that mummy & baby were in good health after a 12 hour wait.

It all started a wee bit past midnite while mummy and i were watching football. Stoke City had just beaten Spurs 2 -1...sadly. Mummy was hungry and i decided to join her for a couple of soft boiled eggs. It was then that the pains started. It was 15mins apart and that was the sign for us to go to the hospital. We decided to eat the eggs first and so we arrived at SDMC at about 0300hrs.

Approximately 12hours later and a lot of pain on mummy, you arrived. Mummy had to push the last 30minutes with a lot of pain. Mummy is a trooper, she didn't want the epidural, all she took was the laughing gas, but neither of us were laughing. She was in pain. Daddy was helpless. All the plans of videoing your arrival was scrapped as i decided to focus and support mummy. Dr Delilah was real nice and calm after all you must be the gazillionth baby that she has delivered. It helped that she was calm and nice...eased mummy's pain, and then your head popped out. Daddy couldn't hold his tears from flowing. I don't know if it was at the joy of seeing you for the first time or the relief that mummy didn't have to be in pain anymore...I guess it was both.

If you asked mummy she would tell you that it wasn't that painful...she's tough that way, but i know it hurt a lot. I experienced her being in a lot of pain, but that's her story to tell. I am just glad and thankful to the Gods in Heaven and on Earth that you were both healthy and well.

Gaea...welcome to our lives.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look What the Stork Brought Us?

The end of 2011 was quite an amazing moment for Joey and I.

The stork brought us an early Christmas present. We were blessed with a little princess weighing in all of  3.25kg of love. She was conceived somewhere between Krabi & Salang, Tioman. Made with lotsa love and then some. Looks like 2012 will be a whole new journey for us and especially for me now that we are 3. 2012 is a whole new package!

Change is again in the air. :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012 is here...

Our annual ritual of trekking to FRIM's 1000 kaki and popping out a bottle of red is not much different than before, other than the addition of a few new faces it has become a place of sharing as well. While we reminisce about the year that was we were also geared up for the year that is.

My 2011 was chaotic to start off but out of that chaos came a new possibility. Bitching and moaning was human to say the least but thru calmness and reflection i found a new path. One that would feed and serve my passion. I was beginning to see the light of my new path. As that was getting clearer i was blessed with the acceptance of my proposal to Joey as i got down on bended knee on the sandy beaches of Pulau Redang followed by the birth of Gaea. So to sum it all up, 2011 was a rather good year for me where i became husband and father all in the same year. In 2011 i also saw and experienced the support of my fellow friends who would encourage and motivate me on my chosen path. It was a year of learning too. Learning to create an effective way to make a difference to others and me, learning to be a good husband and learning to be a father. Thank you 2011 for giving me such an awesome experience.

Now 2012 is a huge challenge for me. It will be about stepping out of the box and creating results and living an extraordinary life while creating extraordinary results with others out there. And to this end, i hear the words of my Brother in the Sun at the back of my head saying, " Seek above all, a game worth playing!"

It reminds me that My Life is a game worth playing for! Welcome twenty12!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Antara Koh Lipe & Tioman

Somewhere between Koh Lipe & Tioman a surprised was gifted us. It was between these two Islands a little heartbeat was growing steadily by the day. We dived and holidayed while silently she grew, this was to be a new beginning, a new experience, a new journey for us both and a blessing to our love.

Technically  you could say Gaea grew up in the seas.

Yonder Horizon

At times when all seem lost or uphill, as i was, i would seek solace in the peace and serenity of nature and ponder the predicament that i am in. I do my best to withhold judgement and observe it from all angles and perspective. It is by no means an easy feat as i sometimes react to the circumstance and I bitch and whine. When calmness settles in I look yonder and I see the lovely ship called MY LIFE anchored by the bay waiting to haul anchor and sail on.

My strength lies in the calmness that i can call upon when chaos visits me and this has averted me from taking hasty actions and throw all caution to the wind and react to circumstances. It has also given me the opportunity to explore other options available to me, possibilities which may have been left unexplored were it not for the predicament i find myself in. So now i have swam towards the good ship MY LIFE and am charting a new course. I am pulling out "my maps and charts" and working on the next direction/course which i will sail towards, at the same time doing maintenance works to MY LIFE.

Works are in progress and i can't wait to set sail on this new course...borne out of an appreciation for MY LIFE.

Into The Deep

Change was the flavor of the year for me.

June celebrated our birthdays, Joey & I that is. I chose Pulau Redang to celebrate our birthday as this was the place that I first came with Joey and it was also the very first place where I took my Open Water diving license. I'm a sentimental fool i guess... I like to revisit and celebrate special occasions in memorable places that are special to me & US. Apart from just celebrating our birthdays, unbeknownst to Joey, she was about to be proposed to...on this very Island.

It all happened on a moonlit nite by the beach, with the band from a neighbouring resort singing WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL followed by Yeh Liang Dai Piau Ni De Sing thru to FOREVER LOVE by LeeHom...I went on bended knee and asked, "Will you marry me?"...and the rest, as they say is history.

That my friends is another story.


2011 seems to be the year of change for me. After the turmoil of the year that was, i decided a change would be good for me, actually this is more of an afterthought. I read in one of Robin Sharma's books that change occurs when something drastic happens in one's life. My something drastic was my job which i had served with pride. 13 years on the job, one would probably think a...Gold Rolex (a little fantasy in the corner of my mind, actually a Tissot would have be fine) but i guess i got the wooden spatula. So began a couple of changes in my life.

It started with the letting go of my Wira of 10yrs and replacing it with the Avanza. It was a sign of things to come, by this i mean there was CHANGE in the air and i could smell it.